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Empowering wineries in Crafting exceptional wines

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Hi, I'm Nova Cadamatre

I’m the first female winemaker to achieve the Master of Wine in the U.S., a Top 40 under 40 recipient from Wine Enthusiast Magazine, a winemaker, brand owner, winemaking consultant, and mother. 

I support women in wine and have founded three female-owned wine brands; Trestle Thirty One and Snowshell Vineyards from the Finger Lakes and Fiadh Ruadh (Fay-ah Roo-ah) in Napa, CA.  I currently go back and forth between Napa and the Finger Lakes to manage both projects and several winery consulting clients as a true “flying winemaker”.

“Nova is a truly talented winemaker and a delight to work with.” 

– Jenna Hudson, PR Sepcialist

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What people are saying

Nova is a truly talented winemaker and a delight to work with. We traveled together on many market visits, and whether it was a late night winemaker dinner, a day in the market selling wine, or an in-store bottle signing, Nova always had a positive attitude and a smile on her face. She charmed media, wine buyers and consumers alike with her charisma, knowledge and passion.

Jenna Hudson, PR Specialist

Nova has been a pleasure to work with. Easy going and relaxed in the cellar, quick to respond to questions from the team, and focused on maximizing quality from the fruit and the winery for her clients. She is cool under pressure and makes decisions authoritatively while communicating clearly to the team.

Barry Waitte, owner, Tamber Bey Vineyards

I have the utmost admiration and appreciation for Nova as both a winemaker and a person. Her dedication to the art of winemaking is unparalleled, and it is no surprise that she is the first female winemaker to earn the title of Master of Wine in the US. Aside from the remarkable wines she creates, her warm and inviting personality adds an extra layer of joy to the overall experience. The passion she exudes when sharing her knowledge about wine leaves a lasting impression. Her genuine enthusiasm is infectious and has deepened my appreciation for the world of wine.

Cuong Pham - Founder and CEO of Red Boat Fish Sauce and Dôi Dá Winery

Brilliant winemaker, exceptional partner, passionate leader, and above all, excellent teacher. These are just some of the ways I would describe Nova Cadamatre. I had the distinct pleasure of working alongside and learning from her for several years at the Canandaigua Winery as part of Constellation Brands. I joined the organization with no knowledge of enology nor winemaking. As a peer, Nova took me under her wing and imparted the knowledge that would help me be successful in the wine industry. Nova brings high levels of passion and professionalism to every task she undertakes. The Canandaigua Winery and the Finger Lakes region are lucky to have counted her as a member, we are better for having worked with her.

Brian Handley, Executive Vice President

Nova brings an enthusiastic attitude, critical eye and unparalleled drive for exceeding expectations in everything she does. She sets high aspirations and finds her path to success while staying firmly inline with a high moral aptitude. She is compassionate and generous with those she surrounds herself with and in her professional presence.

Jake Knight, Regional Sales Manager at Summit Solar

Nova has impressed me with her maturity and drive for success. She is highly motivated and works well with the people around her. Nova communicates very well and is a strong team player. I recommend Nova for as a great fit in any company she would be associated with.

Randy Fortel, Chief Financial Officer

Nova is a self driven, motivated individual. She showed diligence on a financial process that at the time was not her strongest area. It is through this diligence that she identified proper resources that aided her in the successful financial profile of 20 Farms in the Finger Lakes of NYS. The relationships she forged during this summer internship help to propel her into her new successful winemaking career at CWUS.

Tim Moore, Manager, East Coast Grower Relations & Vineyard Operations at Canandaigua Wine Company

Nova is a very dedicated and enthusiastic student of wine. She possesses outstanding wine knowledge, is a great winemaker and is an extremely nice person too.

Peter Marks MW, Partner & vice President at Napa Valley Wine Academy

I have known Nova for over a year and she has really impressed me not just with her wine knowledge and ability to taste, but also with her genuine great attitude and tremendous savvy. Nova clearly is quite knowledgeable about wine and spirits and she can communicate concepts, ideas and recommendations easily and in a way that is understandable. Moreover, Nova has a great personality which makes her down to earth and a magnate for people.

Adam Chase, President at Grape Experience

I can confidently recommend Nova based on my time working with here at Mission Bell. She is very passionate about the industry and takes great pride in her work. She remains on the cutting edge and has personally led several innovations (e.g., Cook’s 150th Anniversary and new Woodbridge Sparkling blends). She is great to work with and “gets” the balance of the art and business of wine by often “jumping through hoops” to support bottling needs while never compromising on her product’s quality. Nova is a great, young, talented wine professional!

James Gause, Vice President, Operations at Natural Alternatives International, Inc.

Nova is a winemaker of great skill and consistency. Her communicative skills and her knowledge of wine have taken her to many areas of the wine industry and the world. Look for leadership from this adventurous personality.

Christopher Purdy, Artist/Photographer

Over the three and a half years I 've worked with Nova, she has impressed me with her absolute passion for winemaking quality, knowledge of the wine world, attention to detail, ability to engage productively with her colleagues, and capability for getting stuff done. I recommend her for any position where winemaking quality is on the line.

Ed Killian, Director of Winemaking at Asti Winery

Nova was a terrific Winemaking Team member, and is a terrific Winemaker. She has a great knowledge of wine and winemaking, as well as a very developed palate and nose. Her willingness to take on projects that ranged beyond her everyday duties as a winemaker helped the growth of the employees at our winery, as well as employees within our larger organization. This included winemaking classes for other departments within the organization, and regular winemaking trainings for the Cellar Team. In addition, Nova understands very clearly that as much as winemaking is an art and a science, it is also a business, and so ensured that she always kept the COGS in mind throughout the process. Nova was a positive influence in all respects.

Jeff Collins, Senior Operations Manager, E&J Gallo, Asti Winery

In addition to her excellent winemaking and sensory skills, Nova has been instrumental in working across departments to improve the flow of information and data to insure that product integrity and quality is maintained. She works with each department to understand their abilities and challenges and then works with them on improving one small piece at a time. Nova demands the best from each of us, and works with us to achieve it.

Dorian Watts, Lab Manager at Constellation Wines US

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