As many of you know or may have guessed from my absence of new material on this site, I took some time off from blogging last year due to several personal issues which needed my undivided attention. Now that it seems that life has reached a new level of balance I’m going to get back on the perverbial writing horse.  

I’ve been working like crazy on my Master of Wine Research Paper which is due in June. It’s really weird to be in the program but not attend seminar this year. I miss the group of people but not the bill or the exam prep! This paper is the last part of the exam to become an MW. It’s actually a very relaxing part because it is 100% self study and with only one small aspect of the industry to focus on, far less stressful. It is copious amounts of reading and writing and more reading. As part of  the paper, I have put together a survey which is needed for background for my study. To that end, your help would be greatly appreciated, if you happen to be a Napa winemaker. The link to the survey is here. It would help me out a lot if as many Napa winemakers as possible would take it. 

I am also headed to California as I write this for the Unified Symposium. I’m very excited about getting back out west to catch up on what is happening in the industry as a whole. While I am very up to date on the NY industry now, it is very challenging to keep up with what’s going on elsewhere in our isolation. In the coming days I hope to recap the keynote speaker luncheon as well as the state of the industry talk, both of which I always enjoy. 

On a side note, Brian and I have purchased a “Fixer Upper” house in Geneva, NY which was built in 1865. Apparently our renovation of our house in Calistoga unlocked some sort of latent desire to bring downtrodden houses back. We are still in the demolition stage at this point but we are excited about the possibilities there. Before you ask, because most people do, we do not know what we are going to do with it when we finish yet. We’ll see what life brings us and make a decision at that point.